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Francesca Leonardi  

Francesca Leonardi works on long term photo-based projects with a particular interest in the interactions between the places and the people who live there. Over the years Francesca has traveled to many countries exploring cultures, getting to know places and people, trying to tie their origins with the everyday life.

Francesca Leonardi was born in Rome where she studied sociology and psychology. Before finishing her studies she left for the United States where she lived for the next nine years. While living in New York he attended the ICP (International Center of Photography) studying with Amy Arbus (daughter of Diane Arbus) and working as an assistant photographer for many years in fashion and portrait. In 2006 she returned to Italy.

Since 2010, she has been represented by the photojournalistic agency Contrasto. Her works have appeared in numerous printed and web publications such as: Espresso, Internazionale, Io Donna, Gioia, Marie Claire, Foto8, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, Die Zeit, Photo Raw.

Marco La Rosa

Marco La Rosa was born in Brescia in 1978. He graduated in Law at the University of Brescia in 2005.

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Santagiulia in Brescia in 2011. In the same year he held his first solo exhibition at the APLUSB Gallery; since then he has exhibited in numerous public and private spaces, both in Italy and abroad.

He is the winner of several awards, including the Visual Arts Award San Fedele in 2012. Different elements coexist in his works that re-emerge at every glance in different times and ways: the double, the border, the passage, the limit, the full and the void. These are some of the fundamental concepts that feed, day after day, his artistic research. His works want to be the medium, not the end; an expedient  through which new possibilities of meaning are offered, spirals for other dimensions are opened, new paths are indicated or, perhaps, simply forgotten.

Since 2018 he has been teaching Visual Arts and Sculpture at the Accademia Santagiulia in Brescia.

Martina Civardi

Martina Civardi is an Italian collagist, constantly travelling between Milan and Florence. She primarily works with old photos, often taken by her grandfather, depicting members of his family. The protagonists of her works, literally cut from the past, are contextualized in an imaginative and sometimes melancholic environment. The theme of remembrance is central to many of her works.

In addition, to make her analog collages, she also uses old newspaper paper, cards, vintage magazines, books, polaroids and everything that recalls the past.


S. Lantz is a maker who works with ceramics and wearables.

Raised by a Vietnamese mother and a white father, their investigation of the dynamics of biracial identity became the impetus for their commitment to their artistic practice.

Exploration of existence in the in-between, finding and making home, navigation of inheritance and family histories, and expressions of queer love and identity are central components in their work. They respond to, reclaim, and create alternate existences for the wearable.

Peng Shuai Paolo

Moving to Italy at the age of nine, Chinese born artist Peng Shuai Paolo is no foreigner the the contradictions and coexistences that accompany housing a breadth of cultures, nations and identities. His practice physically exhibits this vastness as he engages in sculptural, performance and video based modes of production.

Structurally in his work, he examines how technology and language have the power to both construct and expose meaning. Balancing the global and inner personal Paolo's work presents his intimate experiences as a means of challenging viewer perceptions of “self” and “other”.

Luna Sue

Luna Sue is a UK based artist. She Uses her work as a medium to express her reflection on religion, gender, symbols and subconsciousness that lies behind social problems. Having a background of fine art and visual media allows her to use comprehensive materials and techniques in combination, experimentally approaching the traditional and contemporary that rests in new media work.


Dani Clauson

Dani Clauson is a queer trans/non-binary ceramics artist, who has been utilizing art as a mode of ‘speaking’since they were a child. Dani utilizes their past experiences of domestic memories, trauma, and relationships to influence their work. They found clay as a freshman attending the University Of Montana, and have been touched by the material’s empathy, reciprocation, and bodily metaphor ever since. Clay has been crucial tohealing and expressing their struggle with bodily connection and sense of safety. From the University of Washington they have received a BA with honors in 3D4M, alongside a minor in Art History. They utilize their art history education to strengthen their art objects to speak upon the history of violence against the Feminine and its effects upon queer identity and gender.

 FEB 05 ︎︎︎ 12th 2021 
FEB 05 ︎︎︎ 12th 2021