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Thanks to

Our dearest mentor DR. HESPERIA ILIADOU-SUPPIEJ for guiding and encouraging us in this particularly hard year. Not only has she constantly pushed us to see ourselves as capable she has opened our eyes to the power that looking outside oneself as a curator can have. Her emphasis on community and outreach encouraged us to push this show beyond a meer exhibition but to imagine it as a space for dialogue and engagement outside of the ‘white cube’. 

VENICE ART FACTORY (Francesca Giubilei and Luca Berta) for providing us with a space to realize this show and for helping us along the way..

SOPHIA BAKER for bringing our physical vision into the digital world. Without this effort those who we love, spread across the world, would not be able to see these works of art and our efforts as a team. The energy and care you put into the 2D experience shows. Thank you for giving the artist the opportunity to house their work in this new way. You made the digital sphere warm, inviting and offered up a little slice of home.

ALL CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS within the physical and digital exhibition.
  • Anne Fellner
  • August Lantz
  • Dani Caulson 
  • Enrico Coniglio
  • Francesca Leonardi
  • Luna Sue
  • Marco La Rosa, and his gallerist Dario Bonetta
  • Martina Civardi
  • Peng Shuai Paolo

To the WAR CHILDHOOD MUSEUM and notably its founder and director JASMINKO HALILOVIC, for reminding us not only of the power of cultural initiatives to convey invaluable information and perspectives otherwise not heard but also for contributing to our show with such knowledge, such generosity, and such vision. Thank you for inspiring us, and so many others across the world.

IED and all of our professors involved in this project and this particular year, we hope that this show makes you proud. We are grateful for what we have learned this year and hope to take it with us into our future endeavours.

ALL OF OUR BLOG CONTRIBUTORS, we are honored to have gotten to carve out space for your thoughts and perspectives. Thank you for enriching our show.

JAMES BLUE for his unwavering effort and attention to detail. For always showing up and for giving the design of our show a purpose and a vision. You made so much of this possible and did so with unending grace and professionalism. The world would be a lot more beautiful if we all dedicated half as much as James dedicates to the act of consideration. Your work should be noted as art in itself and we are honored to be able to give it the room it deserves to be exhibited. And thank you for getting us to fall in love with the world of typeface and font.

AN PAENHUYSEN for encouraging our voices, asking us to sit up and speak out.

To GRAZINA SUBELYTE for her advice, attitude and kind support.

YASMINE HELOU for her precious guidance, unbreakable support, and mostly for making our lives fabulous.

To ANNE MARIE MASKOVA (or Anna Maria or Anitchka or Làska) for putting a lot of invisible work in this project. Thanks also for providing a good energy inside the group and for being a wonderful pastry chef.

ALL SCHOOLS INVOLVED in the workshop “Inside Out”. Special thanks to professors for their involvement in this project as well as children and teenagers for their precious productions.
— Ecole Jean de La Fontaine, Montmorency, FRANCE

 FEB 05 ︎︎︎ 12th 2021 
FEB 05 ︎︎︎ 12th 2021