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Elise Beuke

Elise Beuke (United States) holds a BA of Art History, from the University of Washington; Seattle, Washington and a BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts also from the University of Washington. Co-curator of Spring 2019 final, site specific exhibition; University of Washington. Current student at IED Venezia, obtaining masters in Curatorial Practice 2020. Alongside curatorial studies Elise is a practicing artist with work primarily focusing on performance, and video. With heavy interest in communal styles of working and alternative modes of production, Elise, in the future, desires to take part in the production of projects that examine and propose new examples of examination in the gallery context. Smaller community-based institutions interest Elise the most.

Giacomo Gandola

Giacomo Gandola (Italy), graduated in History of Arts & Design with a major in show business (2019) at IULM University, in Milan. Alongside, He attended a professional photography course focused on Henri Cartier-Bresson and the ideal of “Instant Decisif”. Currently, he is a student of the 2020 MA in Curatorial Practice at IED Venice. His works as a photographer and artist deal with the importance of the landscape and cultural heritage. In the future, he would like to take part in the production of projects regarding how contemporary living spaces could be improved and idyllically re-created or re-designed.

Ester Kneidlová 

Ester Kneidlová (Czech Republic) graduated with a BA degree in Art History (2018) at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. She was also the co-founder and vice president of the Art Society at the University of Essex. She is currently participating in the 2020 MA in Curatorial Practice at IED Venice. In the future, Ester would like to work to expand the cultural knowledge of society by working on exciting exhibitions that would broaden the horizons of people.

Marloes Lagerweij

Marloes Lagerweij (The Netherlands) holds a MSc in International Relations from Amsterdam University (2010). Following her graduation she spent the past decade working to promote human rights, peace and stability while representing the Netherlands, the European Union and the United Nations. Informed by her global encounters and experience, she is currently pursuing the objectives of dialogue, understanding, equality and justice in the curatorial field, supported by a MA in Curatorial Practice at IED Venice (2020).

Clémence Pons

Clémence Pons (France) graduated from french high school in the literary section with a speciality of plastic arts. She subsequently obtained a BA in History of Arts from the Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris, France (2019), with a specialisation in Contemporary Arts. Co-curator of the exhibition Dominique Arthuis, 30 years of creation in Paris. She is a current student of the MA in Curatorial Practice at IED Venice. At the same time, Clémence cultivates her artistic fiber thanks to drawings, paintings and collages. In the future, she would like to work with communities and create exhibitions to give the floor to people who come from different backgrounds.

Irina Samsonova

Irina Samsonova (Russia) graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) with an MA in Russian Language and Literature, followed by a PhD course in Comparative Literature and European Literature Studies at the MSU. She worked as a research fellow in the Lexicology Laboratory of the Department of Philology, MSU. Along with academic teaching and research, she worked as a team member organizing exhibitions in gallery and museum spaces for the Architectural School “Start” in Moscow. With a special interest in the field of experimental museology, she is currently a student of the 2020 MA in Curatorial Practice at IED Venice.

Yunqi Yu

Yunqi Yu (China) holds a BA in International Economic Law from East China University of Political and Law Shanghai, China. With a strong interest in art, she is now participating in the MA in Curatorial Practice at IED Venice. In the future, she would like to devote herself to work that helps the public enjoy the beauty of art and build the world in a more comprehensive and empathic way.

Hesperia Iliadou-Suppiej

Hesperia Iliadou- Suppiej (Cyprus) is member of ICOM-Italia, and the academic coordinator of the MA in Curatorial Practice at IED Venice. She is an elected professor in the History of Art & Architecture and a Museum Studies specialist, educated at the University of London, the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, the City University of Hong Kong and the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, at the University of Leicester. She has been Curator of the Malta National Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale of 2019 and of the European Capital of Culture 2017. Her work and research focuses on social engagement practices in museums and galleries. 

 FEB 05 ︎︎︎ 12th 2021 
FEB 05 ︎︎︎ 12th 2021